GAP specializes in manufacturing customized OEM & ODM CNC machining Parts, mature or small quantities. | Enhance Your Vehicle's Performance with Our CNC Pillow Balls and Stabilizer Links

CNC Machining products for OEM & ODM customized drawings. | vehicle suspension supplies

Outer Tie Rod End

Outer Tie Rod End

This Tie Rod End is applicable to NISSAN TIIDA, Models (C12, B17) from 2013~ as well as Nissan Versa Note 2012 ~ 2017.

Arm Bushing

Arm Bushing

This Arm bushing is Applicable to SUBARU IMPREZA, Models (G12, G22) from 2007, and many other models.


Customized CNC Machining Parts Suppliers | Reliable Taiwanese Manufacturer of Ball Joints and CNC Car Parts for Global Distribution

Established in 1998, Great Auto Parts, located in Taiwan, is a leader in the precision CNC machining of auto parts. We specialize in manufacturing key products such as Customized CNC Machining Parts Suppliers, CNC ball studs, pillow balls, tie rod ends, ball joints and stabilizer links. Our commitment to manufacturing excellence has positioned us as a preferred partner for international automotive markets seeking reliable, high quality automotive parts. Using advanced CNC technology, we ensure that each component meets the highest standards of precision and durability. Choose Great Auto Parts for innovative solutions that enhance vehicle performance and efficiency.

Great Auto Parts, based in Taiwan, is a reputable manufacturer specializing in CNC machining of automotive components. Our product line includes high-quality CNC ball studs, pillow balls, tie rod ends, ball joints, and stabilizer links designed to meet the rigorous standards of the global automotive industry. With state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to precision, our CNC machined parts ensure improved vehicle performance and durability. We serve both domestic and international markets, providing customized solutions that support the needs of business buyers seeking reliable, high-volume production capabilities. Partner with Great Auto Parts for innovative and competitively priced automotive parts that drive business success.

GAP has been providing automotive steering components to customers, both with advanced CNC machining and milling technology, and with 35 years of experience, GAP ensures that each customer's needs are met.

Customized CNC Machining Parts Suppliers

GAP specializes in manufacturing customized OEM & ODM CNC machining Parts, mature or small quantities.

CNC Machining products for OEM & ODM customized drawings.
CNC Machining products for OEM & ODM customized drawings.

Specialized CNC Machining for Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems

CNC machining is a precision manufacturing process where computer-controlled machine tools such as mills and lathes are utilized. At Great Auto Parts, we specialize in CNC machining for automotive suspension and steering systems. Our advanced equipment ensures the production of high-quality components with exact specifications. With services including face milling, threading, drilling, and more, we meet the demanding requirements of the automotive industry. Trust us for precision CNC machining tailored specifically for suspension and steering components, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Ball Stud / Ball Rod / Ball Pin

The Ball Studs and Ball Rods are generally considered to be critical components for their applicable steering and suspension assemblies. They must follow precise manufacturing control plans, and quality check points to insure they meet the very high quality standards required by our customers.

We had Established the very first Test lab for Steering and Suspension parts, especially specific in Housing / Ball Pin / Pillow ball components, that never seen in our field in Taiwan.

The ball size range is from 10mm up to 65mm. OEM / ODM and small quantities are acceptable. Dropping test can be applied on ball pins according to customer requirements. We supply to many world class and well-known factories in manufacturing suspension and steering parts.

CNC Machined Ball Pin with Induction Hardness

Why Choose Great Auto Parts CNC Machining?

Great Auto Parts is a CNC machining parts manufacturer and a leading provider of CNC machining services. At Great Auto Parts, we use advanced CNC turning and milling equipment to offer a wide range of services, such as face milling, parting, threading, drilling, grooving, and more. We also have high-speed vertical machining centers that can produce parts for the automotive industry.

Moreover, we specialize in manufacturing ball studs for automotive suspension and steering systems. These ball studs undergo precision CNC machining processes to ensure exact specifications and high-quality standards. Additionally, our expertise extends to incorporating heat treatment techniques such as quenching and tempering into the production process.

The advantages of heat-treated ball studs in automotive suspension and steering systems are significant. Through heat treatment, these components exhibit enhanced mechanical properties, including increased strength, hardness, and fatigue resistance. This translates to improved durability and reliability, crucial factors in ensuring the safety and performance of vehicles on the road.

Furthermore, heat-treated ball studs offer superior dimensional stability, maintaining precise tolerances even under extreme operating conditions. This ensures proper alignment and functionality of suspension and steering components, contributing to overall vehicle stability and handling.

Our Machined Parts Capabilities

We deliver your CNC machined parts fast and efficiently. We can handle CNC machined parts in sizes from 8mm x 8mm x 22mm to 100mm x 100mm x 200mm. We can also do 3 and 4 axis machining with tolerances up to ±0.01mm.

In summary, by combining advanced CNC machining capabilities with expertise in heat treatment processes, Great Auto Parts delivers ball studs of exceptional quality and performance, vital for the reliability and safety of automotive suspension and steering systems.


  • Cold forging machine
  • CNC lathe
  • CNC turning and milling compound
  • Robot arm
  • Mirror polishing machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Straightening machine
  • Shot peening machine
  • Thread rolling machine
  • Assembly line


  • Alloy steel
  • Mild steel
  • Tool steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass

Precision-Engineered Custom Ball Stud Solutions

  • We offer the following features for our ball pins:
  • Ball size from 10 mm to 65 mm.
  • Various materials, such as SAE4140, SCM440, 40Cr, 40ACR, Aluminum, etc.
  • Heat treatment optional, depending on customer's design.
  • Induction hardness available, according to customer's drawing.
  • CNC machining before or after heat treatment, as per customer request.
  • Cold forging (large quantities) and CNC machining, or machining from steel bars (small quantities).
  • Lead time as short as 30 ~ 35 days for 2000 pcs.
  • Dropping test possible on ball pins, based on customer requirements.
  • Process FEMA, control plan, MSA study and other PPAP documents provided.
  • Roughness up to Ra 0.2.
  • Manufacturing according to customer OEM / ODM design with confidentiality agreements.
  • Small quantities acceptable, minimum MOQ is 300 pcs.



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