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CNC Robot
CNC Robot

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Ball Joint Assembly : This video shows how we assembly ball joints by rolling machine.

Crack Detection by Eddy Current Robot : Great Auto is known for its Ball Studs, Ball Pin and pillow ball CNC machining components which are very critical and safety concerned parts used in automobiles steering and suspension systems. We offer crack detection full sorting services for our valuable customers. Only.

Introducing Smart Factory 4.0 : By connecting all our machines on line, we were proud to introduce we were one-step forward to the smart factory management. Collecting manufacturing data such as Who is working on Which machine and when did he/ she started working..., all the data collected were passed to our ERP system immediately to help our employee manage the schedule more efficiency.

Products features of stabilizer links, rack ends and ball pins : 30 years of CNC machining and assembly experience in automobile suspension & Steering. We offer 2 years or 50,000 KM warranties with conditions applied on regular products like stabilizer link, tie rod end, control arm and ball joint.

Great Auto Parts Company Profile : Starting from Remanufacturing and Rebuilding the used chassis parts, Great Auto Parts inherits 30+ years of CNC machining and assembly experience in Suspension and Steering chassis parts from family.

3D View of Our LAB : Take a 3d view of our beautiful and well organized office.

3D View of Our LAB

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