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Outer Tie Rod End

Outer Tie Rod End

This Tie Rod End is applicable to NISSAN TIIDA, Models (C12, B17) from 2013~ as well as Nissan Versa Note 2012 ~ 2017.

Arm Bushing

Arm Bushing

This Arm bushing is Applicable to SUBARU IMPREZA, Models (G12, G22) from 2007, and many other models.


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Established in 1998, Great Auto Parts, located in Taiwan, is a leader in the precision CNC machining of auto parts. We specialize in manufacturing key products such as Rack End, CNC ball studs, pillow balls, tie rod ends, ball joints and stabilizer links. Our commitment to manufacturing excellence has positioned us as a preferred partner for international automotive markets seeking reliable, high quality automotive parts. Using advanced CNC technology, we ensure that each component meets the highest standards of precision and durability. Choose Great Auto Parts for innovative solutions that enhance vehicle performance and efficiency.

Great Auto Parts, based in Taiwan, is a reputable manufacturer specializing in CNC machining of automotive components. Our product line includes high-quality CNC ball studs, pillow balls, tie rod ends, ball joints, and stabilizer links designed to meet the rigorous standards of the global automotive industry. With state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to precision, our CNC machined parts ensure improved vehicle performance and durability. We serve both domestic and international markets, providing customized solutions that support the needs of business buyers seeking reliable, high-volume production capabilities. Partner with Great Auto Parts for innovative and competitively priced automotive parts that drive business success.

GAP has been providing automotive steering components to customers, both with advanced CNC machining and milling technology, and with 35 years of experience, GAP ensures that each customer's needs are met.

Rack End

Get Reliable Rack Ends to Enhance Your Vehicle's Performance!

High-Quality Rack End Supplier
High-Quality Rack End Supplier

The Rack End (Inner Tie Rod / axial rod ) is a crucial component of the automobile steering system, connecting the steering gear and the Tie Rod End (Outer Tie Rod). Its primary function is to transfer the motion of the steering gear to the steering arm, thus achieving vehicle steering. The composition and functions of the Rack End are as follows:

Functions of the Rack End

Transfer Motion: It transfers the rotational motion of the steering gear to the Tie Rod End, thereby changing the direction of the wheels.
Adjust Toe Angle: The threaded part of the Rack End can be rotated to adjust the toe angle of the wheels, ensuring vehicle stability and straight-line driving capability.
Absorb Impact: During vehicle operation, the Rack End needs to absorb impacts from the road, maintaining the stability of the steering system.
The quality and design of the Rack End have a direct impact on the vehicle's steering performance and safety. Therefore, selecting a high-quality Rack End is essential for maintaining vehicle stability and safety.

Composition of the Rack End

  • Housing:

    Usually made of high-strength metal, such as steel or alloy steel, to withstand the forces during steering.
  • Ball Rod:

    One end of the Rack End typically features a Ball Rod, installed at the steering gear end, allowing free rotation at different angles to ensure the flexibility and safety of tire operation.
  • Parts Bearing:

    Located between the Housing and the Ball Rod, it acts as a buffer sleeve to reduce wear at the Ball Rod during vehicle operation.

Testing Standards for OEM Rack End

OEM Rack Ends are subjected to a series of stringent technical standards and testing requirements to ensure their performance and durability under various conditions. Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends undergo the following tests:

  • Pull-out Test:

    The Rack End must have sufficient tensile strength to withstand various external forces in the steering system. Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends can withstand an average pull force of 4 to 8 tons, exceeding the OEM standard of 3.5 tons. The tensile strength of the Rack End varies according to the ball head diameter and Housing thickness. Great Auto Parts sets inspection standards based on different part specifications. For passenger cars, the average pull-out strength is 4 to 6 tons, while 8 tons is suitable for heavy commercial vehicles.

    Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends Ball Stud Pull-out Test and Qualification conditions


    Ball Size(mm)







    Pull-out force















    Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends (OEM number 45503-60030) Pull-out Test report.

  • GAP Test:

    The fit between the Housing and Ball Rod is critical. The smaller the clearance after assembly, the lower the wear rate of the Rack End ball head during vehicle operation, thus extending product durability. Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends have a clearance of only 0.06mm between the Housing and ball joint after withstanding a pull force of 460kg. Even when the vehicle operates under harsh conditions, Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends can maintain vehicle stability, and the excellent product durability reduces the likelihood of steering gear failure due to a loose Rack End ball head.

    Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends GAP testing Test and Qualification conditions

    Ball Diameter<25mm25~34mm>34mmUnit
    F1 (Force)±2,500±4,500±6,000N
    SR (GAP)

    Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends (OEM number 48830-68L00) GAP Test report.
  • Torque Test:

    The connection parts of the Rack End must meet specific torque requirements to ensure the solidity and stability of the connection. Great Auto Parts specifies the qualified torque range to be tested with a torque wrench for their Rack Ends.

    Great Auto Parts' Rack End Rotational torque Test and Qualification conditions



    Ball Size(mm)









    0.6 - 5.0

    0.8 - 7

    1.0 - 7

    1.0 - 8

    1.0 - 9



    6.1 - 51

    8.1 - 71

    10 - 70

    10 - 80

    10 - 90


In addition to rigorous testing, Great Auto Parts' Rack Ends are meticulously designed to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers and repair shops. Our Rack Ends feature heat-treated ball head bolts, offering unparalleled strength. These bolts bend upon impact to avoid breaking and ensure driving safety.

Safety is not our only focus—innovation complements it. Our Rack Ends comply with stringent safety standards while enhancing vehicle performance. Whether you are pursuing improved performance, safety, or environmental friendliness, our Rack Ends can meet your goals. Contact us to explore our product range and revitalize your vehicle's driving dynamics!

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